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News from the finca!

Pronouncement of judgment in the case of the "Tefia dogs"

A responsible island resident reported an animal abuse case to the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) in December 2022. In bad cases of animal abuse, they are confiscated. To prevent the animals from having to go to the perrera, SEPRONA contacted us and asked us to take them in if they were seized. So Calipo, Filomena, Linda, Nina and Chila came to us.

The next day we went to the finca together with the official veterinarian and SEPRONA. We found 3 emaciated Podencas, a male Pointer and a small female Chihuahua mix as well as a donkey that didn't want to get up. Their emaciated bodies were covered in ticks, they were lying in their own filth, there was neither water nor food. First we gave the dogs water and when the owner came and the formalities were done, we drove to the veterinary clinic right away. The donkey was picked up by the staff of the nearby museum.

Calipo, a male pointer, was so severely anaemic due to a bad infestation of vermin that he needed a blood transfusion immediately. According to the vet, his condition was barely compatible with life. Because the animals had been kept on chains on a stony floor (in Spain, unfortunately, keeping them in chains of at least 1.5 metres is still allowed), huge open beds grew on the buttocks of Filomena and Linda and, like Nina and Chila, the blood analysis revealed severe blood anaemia. It was also unbelievable that the little Chihuahua-mix dog Chila was hanging on a chain that was only about one metre long and the freedom of movement for the lively dog girl was extremely impaired.

Last week was finally the court hearing. The owner was sentenced to one year in prison and a 5-year ban on keeping animals. He is not allowed to commit any more offences and he has to pay the vet and food costs as well as the court fees.

It shows once again how important it is to report suspected animal abuse/ cruelty, because if this is the case and the police or the public prosecutor's office gets involved, then the owner will be held accountable! Of course it is important to save tortured animals, but if you don't go to the police, you give the culprit a free hand to abuse and torment the next animal.

But there is another reason why it is so important to report to the police. Such cases are registered and summarised every year. The more reports are filed, the more it becomes clear that the constitution in one's own country is too lax with regard to animal cruelty, and this is the only way to call for a change in the law.


A good example is a report presented by the Spanish government in 2019, according to which 30 hunting dogs had been abandoned throughout Spain during the whole year. This triggered a huge outrage from animal welfare groups and a new combined count put the number in the tens of thousands. 

We, the Finca Esquinzo, would like to thank the demandant from the bottom of our hearts, he had the courage to confront the animal abuser, because it is often said that one puts oneself in danger if one brings such tormentors to justice. We also appreciate the smooth cooperation with the official veterinarian Ana Franquis, the police officer of SEPRONA Juan Carlos and the veterinary clinic BICHOS of Puerto del Rosario and of course our animal protection lawyer Maite Bautista Garrastazu of PROTA. 

Filomena and Linda have moved in together with a wonderful family in Germany and Chila is also already in her new home in Germany. Calipo will soon experience what a real dog's life means, he will fly to his new owner on 12 August.


Nina will be left behind, but we are convinced that the mediators of Tierhilfe Fuerteventura e.V. will find the right person for her and in this sense we would like to thank Tierhilfe who always conjure up the most beautiful places for our four-legged friends and the families who finally make a dignified life possible for them, because: It is enormously important to us to know that our charges are in the best hands in the world!

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