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Chained dogs

Unfortunately, it is a terrible and widespread bad habit to chain dogs to barrels, trees or steel anchors to guard buildings, grounds or herds of goats.

You often see these chained dogs along roadsides. Some have an old tin barrel as a shelter, which is why they are often called barrel dogs.

You can hardly do anything worse to a dog, which is otherwise a socially active creature. Even hardened animal welfare activists are stunned by the sights they see. Ingrown collars, half-starved, tormented and crippled animals are unfortunately not uncommon.

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The torment of a chain

It’s been daylight for a long time now, and the sun shines on my dirty coat. No shade, only brilliant sunlight, and far and wide I see no hope.

For years I’ve lived on this short chain, all night and through the day. Waiting for food and water that seldom comes my way.

My bed is of dirt and the small, sharp stones, are the cause of the pain I feel in my bones.

But I wouldn’t complain about all this, if it wasn’t that I’m so alone. This chain on my neck is a constant torment, my heart is without a home.

Sometimes you hit or kick me, and even this I’m willing to accept. I, old and sick, suffer all of this, just to please you, and out of respect.

Your loving hand, a gentle stroke, a caressing word, can it be...?

No, it never happens, it‘s nothing but a dream…

The night has been long and a new day will start, but for me there’s no dawn, just a sad, lonely heart.

I pray that my death will come soon…     

copyright by Dr. Thomas Herald

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