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News from the finca!

Pupils‘ visit to Finca Esquinzo

The 7th of May was not a day like any other, neither for our dogs and us, nor for the students of the 2nd grade of the high school from the village of Grand Tarajal.

Shortly after 10.00 a.m., 30 highly motivated youngsters between 14 and 15 years of age, their hands full with blankets, towels and other donations of all kinds, stood together with their two teachers first in front of the perrera in Puerto del Rosario.

After some exciting experiences with our vet and "Atila", Fuerteventura's only international search and rescue dog, among others, the school trip continued to Tindaya and the "Finca Esquinzo" sanctuary to crown the day.

Originally, the bus driver had already made it clear that there was no way he would drive his bus over the 3 km long gravel road from Tindaya to the finca. However, as he himself had enjoyed the whole trip so much by then, he changed his mind and the whole group was able to drive up to the finca by bus.

It was fascinating how well the young people already knew the dogs of the finca. They were well prepared, and each student had already chosen "his dog" on the finca's website.

Andrea, Thomy and  their daughter Cecilia as well as the volunteers Gabriela and Vesna now had the opportunity to talk to the young people about some animal welfare issues. They talked about senseless ear and tail cropping, the abandonment of animals to get rid of them, the thoughtless breeding of puppies, that an animal also has a soul, wants to be loved and respected, that it might get sick and need a doctor and much more.

Little comment was needed on the topic "A dog belongs on a chain", because the animals of the finca themselves impressively demonstrated to the visitors how they can live balanced, peaceful, and content lives in packs.

Not only the bipeds, but also the animals of the finca were able to enjoy the school visit to the fullest.

On 12.6, the excursion was repeated for the second half of the second-grade pupils from the secondary school in the village of Grand Tarajal.

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