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News from the finca!

Jaqueline & Caro - fully in action

It is September 2014 and a holiday replacement for Andrea and Pancho is announced. Jaqueline Stäblein and Caroline Busse came all the way from Germany to reliably and lovingly take care of our finca dogs.

For the first time, they also went to the problematic "Finca Manolo" together with Thomas Herold on 17.9. Despite regular help from Andrea and Pancho, the unteachable dog-emissary Manolo had once again managed to let his dogs go to seed (the last visit to the finca was 2 weeks ago).

Full of parasites, the dogs are kept in hutches, the floor of which is covered with excrement and food scraps.

When we changed the stinking "drinking water" we found dead rats in several buckets, 5 in one bucket.

After 3 hours of hard work, the worst was done and each of the 3 helpers, despite their protective suits, was a living flea circus. The two little podencow puppies were in a very bad general condition.

We were able to take them home and give them to a friendly foster home.

In the shed with the stinking drinking bucket and the 5 rats lived a small female dachshund mix. We named her Marina and took her to the finca, where on the same day, even after 3 baths with special flea shampoo, she was not even close to being flea-free.

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