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Permanent use on the "Finca Manolo"

For years, the private property of local "Manolo" has been one of the main problems in animal welfare on Fuerteventura. Manolo is a dog-emissary who claims to love animals, but has not the slightest idea about their keeping and needs.

None of the many attempts to get to grips with the catastrophic conditions on the premises or to put a stop to them have been successful so far. Although an official veterinarian and the responsible police have already been on site, the bottom line is that absolutely nothing has happened to date.

After a massive one-time "cleaning campaign" in 2010, none of the so-called "animal rights activists" and animal protection organisations on site have paid any further attention to the problem, although they are all well aware of the conditions. Unfortunately, they seem to prefer to look the other way than to help the animals at Manolo's. The only exception is the association "Tierhilfe-Fuerteventura e.V. ", which stood by the animals from the beginning.

A routine inspection of the Finca Esquinzo on 12 July 2013 once again brought catastrophic conditions to light. Since then, the finca team with Andrea and Pancho has been regularly visiting Manolo.

The area, which is hidden "in no man's land", can only be reached with difficulty via unpaved gravel roads, and every journey is an enormous challenge for the small Finca truck.

It is only thanks to the tireless, persistent influence of Andrea and Pancho on Manolo that the man has finally agreed and his dogs may be neutered.
Without hesitation, Tierhilfe Fuerteventura e.V. was immediately prepared to pay for the necessary medication, vaccinations and veterinary costs for this extensive castration campaign.

Since then, Andrea and Pancho regularly collect up to 5 dogs every 2 weeks from Manolo and bring them to the veterinary clinic "Clinica Veterinaria Bichos" in Puerto del Rosario and then to Finca Esquinzo for follow-up care.

Andrea takes realistic photos of the dogs and forwards them to Tierhilfe Fuerteventura so that the animals can be rehomed from there via their database.

After 2 weeks at the finca, the neutered dogs are returned to their owner Manolo, vaccinated, and chipped. They make room for the next "castration candidates" and wait at Manolo's for a new home in Germany.

Finca Esquinzo not only says thank you for the financial support, but above all thanks to the hard-working team of Tierhilfe Fuerteventura, who are pressing ahead with the placement of Manolo's maltreated dogs with unbelievable dedication.

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