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News from the finca!

Finca outreach in the south of the island

On Wednesday, 28.11.2012, the finca team drove to the south of Fuerteventura and was immediately able to take 6 dogs to the first perrera. Among them was a female boxer in a miserable condition. Our enquiries revealed that an animal catcher had personally taken her off a chain and brought her to the perrera. According to his statement, the chain was so extremely short that the dog could only either stand or sit.

We immediately took all 6 animals to the vet, the small, "slightly matted" female was completely exhausted and also in foal. She was shorn and spayed the same day. She survived everything perfectly and looked completely different exactly 2 days later at the finca. The boxer female was also feeling better that day.

After all formalities had been completed at the responsible municipality, the finca mobil - without having another transport box available - rolled on to the second perrera "just to check". There, a male Bardino was in an extremely bad state, among other things, he could no longer stand up.

One kennel further on, we found a very lovely female dog with a large hernia and a lot of fear.
Opposite was an equally lovely Bardino, old and already almost without teeth.

The very next morning the finca team drove south again, took the 3 remaining animals out and presented them to the vet. The male dog had probably suffered a stroke in addition to his injuries and had to be put down, but we were able to take the two Bardino female dogs with us to the finca, the operation on the hernia took place on Monday of the following week.

All the dogs will now be gradually rehomed and can then be placed with an exact description and up-to-date photos.

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