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News from the finca!

Doris, faithful soul of Finca Esquinzo 

Doris Weingartner from Switzerland helped us in 2014 for the 4th year in a row with her heart and soul in caring for our dogs.

In 2011, Florian was lucky enough to be pampered by her with homemade oils and ointments. Doris had customised her own T-shirt for him as sun protection.

Like all of us, Doris first had to digest the confrontation with the terrible situation at the "Finca Manolo" this year. Shortly afterwards, however, she immediately lent a hand and helped clean, feed and stroke the dogs.
Back at Finca Esquinzo, Doris‘ private sock was sacrificed for Tschakan with his injured paw.

Doris had specially made a little coat for our old Palomo, who suffers from heart and skin cancer.

Palomo especially enjoyed the daily anointing and cuddling.

Thank you, Doris!

We hope that you will continue to be a good soul to our dogs for many years to come.

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