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Whoever fights

can lose, whoever

does not fight has

already lost!

You have to do something,

however little,

for those who need help,

something that brings no reward,

but joy to be able to do it.

(Albert Schweitzer)


Gavi the dog

A German Shepherd was born on Fuerteventura on 01 July 2022, and was handed over to a dog rescue centre in the south of the island a little later in October 2022.

The result of the X-ray was shocking: Gavi was born without hip joints, which normally hold the heads of the femurs; the hip sockets on the left and right were missing.


The thigh bones are thus hanging in the void, held only by the muscles, connective tissue and skin.

Gavi was to be put to sleep.

But did that really have to be? Would this be the right decision in the animal's best interest?

At the time, the little dog was in the puppy enclosure of the finca and was literally bursting with joie de vivre. A fighter who didn't seem to mind his handicap at all.

The case gave me no peace and I started to investigate. Online I came across "De Hun'nenhof" in Schneverdingen - an animal welfare farm for animals that would otherwise have bad chances in life. This mainly concerns dogs with physical impairments or behavioural problems.

I called and was lucky because I was able to talk to Tom Bode, dog trainer and co-founder of the Hun'nenhof.

I trusted his extensive experience as he assured me that putting Gavi to sleep would definitely not be the right choice.

A phone call followed with vet Regina Bauer from Düsseldorf, who was recommended to us as an experienced specialist. She also confirmed that Gavi should definitely not be put down and recommended a small operation to sclerotise the growth plate of the pelvis, with the aim of influencing the development of the pelvis not in width but in the direction of the free thigh bones.

Mrs. Bauer had already performed this operation successfully several times, so we decided to dare the operation.
On 03.11.2022 we were able to collect Gavi from the Düsseldorf clinic.


The following day we drove to the Hun'nenhof in Schneverdingen and handed Gavi over to Tom Bode's team for aftercare and daily physiotherapy treatment.

Gavi was very lovingly taken in and soon enchanted physiotherapist Saskia Wicke and the entire care team with his charming manner.


Seven weeks later, on 23 December, Gavi was picked up by Ole Baldner and his girlfriend Kristy Rossow and was finally allowed to move to his new foster family.


The continuation of the physiotherapeutic treatment was seamlessly taken over by Ms Verena Teiwes in her practice

Since January 2023, she has been treating and training Gavi twice a week with a lot of dedication and commitment. Among other things, the work in the water treadmill as well as with special harnesses and expanders are crucial for building up the muscles.