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News from the finca!

20 years of Finca Esquinzo

The old and sick dogs in the perrera of Puerto del Rosario, those that could no longer be placed and that no one wanted to have any more, triggered the idea of bringing a sanctuary into being.

In 2001, Dr. Thomas Herold and his foundation bought a plot of land outside the village of Tindaya and founded Finca Esquinzo together with his wife Christiane as well as Andrea and her then husband Thomy.

Since then, more than 900 animals, often in catastrophic condition, have been taken in. They have been rehomed and nursed back to health.

Some have stayed at the finca forever, a few could be placed on Fuerteventura. The placement of the dogs to Germany has always been organised in cooperation with our partner, Tierhilfe Fuerteventura e.V.

Here are some examples of the fates of the animals in our care:

  • Haribo was found as an orphan in 2007 and was bottle-fed by the finca.

  • Pepito was rescued from a killing station.

  • Jollo waited for 9 years in a German animal shelter until the Finca gave him his last refuge

  • Calcetines was very seriously ill with mange

  • Blümchen came from the "Finca Manolo"

  • Robin was shot at close range with a shotgun.

  • Hara was found in a killing station.

  • Capitan was almost starved when the finca took him in.

  • Henk was in a pitiful condition, covered with fleas and ticks.

  • Manitu found a new home with Caro

  • Ecim was lovingly adopted by the Danzeisen family.

We will continue tirelessly to help old and sick dogs, to give them a reprieve at the finca or to place them in a new future.

Without all of you, we would not have been able to help so many animals. We would like to thank all our helpers, sponsors and donors for their loyalty and support.

Your Team Finca Esquinzo

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