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About us

Many old and/or sick animals that can no longer be placed live on Finca Esquinzo and should be cared for and lovingly cared for for the rest of their lives.

In most cases, these animals not only need special food, but also expensive medicines and complex veterinary treatments, including operations.


As a sponsor/donor, you help us to help these animals in the long term.


Finca Esquinzo

The vision was to be able to offer dogs that are old and sick, that no one wants anymore or that have spent their lives on a short chain, a new, possibly last home in freedom.


For this reason, I bought the property in Tindaya in 2001 and founded the sanctuary "Finca Esquinzo" there.

Since then, we have been flying to Fuerteventura at regular intervals to support Andrea & Pancho in caring for the animals and in maintaining the finca.

The "Finca Esquinzo" is an independent, private sanctuary for old and sick dogs that are simply pushed away or were exposed.

Away from the tourist centres, more than 30 dogs live there in spacious enclosures, roaming freely in several packs

Often no longer placeable, most of them found their last refuge on the found their last refuge on the finca.

Here you can view aerial photos of the site.

The sanctuary is financed primarily through your help on the Dr. Thomas Herold Foundation. The foundation is recognized from the German tax office as non-profit and particularly worthy of support and thus entitled to issue donation receipts.

Please support our animal protection ideas and help our animals through Sponsorships, donations, active assistance or a flight sponsorship.

Care of the animals

Andrea and Thomy from Switzerland, together with their children Cecilia and Kim, have looked after the animals at the sanctuary for almost 10 years.

Towards the end of 2010, Thomy left the finca for personal reasons, now Andrea takes care of it together with her partner Pancho around the sanctuary and their animals.

Many other voluntary helpers from Germany keep coming to the sanctuary to provide active support.

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